the work



For us, the work is the thing. We love to think about it,  talk about it, fight over it and most of all…do it. And how we do it is what makes us different. Generator Creative is a machine made up of extremely talented writers, art directors, designers, interactive thinkers and brand strategists from all across the country with one thing on our minds: Doing great creative that kicks ass in a thoughtful and intelligent way.

Here’s how we work.

You contact us and we discuss your needs. After which, a core team consisting of a brand strategist, creative director and planner work with you and your team to develop a tight creative brief and timeline.  Once the proper thinking has been done and agreed upon, we assemble the right crew for the job and establish a creative exploration fee.

Then we release the hounds.

Creatives are a competitive lot. (see paragraph one, sentence two). And we will assign several to your project. However, at the end of the day, only one idea will be produced. The creative team that comes up with that idea, will take home the lion’s share of the aforementioned creative fee. At this point, you and Generator Creative team will decide next steps and curate said idea to bring it to life.

Creative solutions, beautifully executed. That’s what we’re about.

Steve Dusenberry
Chief Creative Officer